Our best selling product! KAAZ L.S.D.'s have become a house hold name within the racing world. For more information please click.
Close ratio gearsets allow users to accomplish faster lap times while obtaining better drivetrain components which are much more durable.
Get all the KAAZ goods here. Some featured items include: KAAZ Race Monitor, KAAZ Genuine Gear Oil and outter wear!
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All KAAZ products are checked thoroughly before shipping. High quality control inspections are carried at time of product completion, packaging and inbound product acceptance. We strive to ensure each KAAZ product is ready for shipment in original factory condition.

KAAZ USA/NEWPORT EXOTIC CARS will not be responsible for any type of misusage or abuse to product(s) after purchasing. Products are only offered a Limited Manufacture's Defect Warranty. There is no warranty implemented for defective products caused by abuse, improper installation, mishandling, improperly maintained, alterations to original unit, if item has been in an accident, and negligence on behalf of purchasing party including all it's entities. All warranty acts are subject to approval from KAAZ USA/NEWPORT EXOTIC CARS/KAAZ CORPORATION in which these listed parties will reserve all rights to determining if a warranty claim is approved.

Warranty is limited to replacement or repair of item or product deemed "approved for warranty". Any non-KAAZ items that may have been damaged by KAAZ product(s) will not obtain warranty. All removal or reinstallation costs will not be covered and is the responsibility of the purchasing party.

KAAZ USA/NEWPORT EXOTIC CARS shall not be liable for any unique, indirect, direct, incidental, or consequential damages, in which may be claimed as result of failure from any part, including claims for delay, loss of profits, or labor. KAAZ USA/NEWPORT EXOTIC CARS shall not be liable for any damage or injury to persons or property resulting from improper installation, negligence or misuse of any part subject to this warranty.

KAAZ PRODUCTS ARE ONLY INTENDED FOR OFF-ROAD USAGE ONLY. Product(s) are to never be driven on public roadways. NO EXCEPTION. 

All KAAZ products require professional qualified installation. Improper installation may lead to breakage or problems resulting from poor installation. If purchasing party does not have resources to qualified technician, you must contact KAAZ USA immediately.

Information on this website is checked for accuracy and errors however KAAZ USA accepts no responsibility for typographic/informational errors. Prices, Part Numbers, Product Descriptions are subject to change without notice